2011 Gallery

Photo Highlights of 2011 events …

On December 11th, 2011, we held our Annual Sunday School Christmas Pageant. Check out these ADORABLE angels, animals, wise-men, holy family and shepherds. Sorry for the copius number of pics, these kids were just too cute not to keep shooting. Many thanks to the “fabulos Wendys” (both Marks and Hopkinson) for organizing this precious event. Photo credits: Johanna Fitzprtick (hipstomatics) and Liza Zajac Whitehead.

On Dec 3rd, 2011 we held our Annual Cookie Walk. Check out these pics of the delicious decorative cookies baked WITH LOVE by our church-lady bakers. Over 5 huge tables of cookies SOLD OUT in only a half-hour! Many thanks to Lisa Swanson for organizing this very successful event. Photo credit: Johanna Fitzprtick

Our November 2011 “Mission Moment” cause was one of our favorites, Operation Christmas Child. Check out these shoe-boxes filled with prayers, love and gifts for children all over the world. Many thanks to Trish Ovchar for organizing this very successful mission. Photo credit: Liza Whitehead

The Rent-A-PFer program – a great idea and a great success! Three strong PF youth worked hard clearing Storm Alfred debris, with proceed benefiting the Senior PF Youth Group. Photo credit: Liza Zajac Whitehead

On Sunday, September 11, 2011 we marked the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on NYC, DC and PA. In conjunction with St. Michael’s Catholic Church, BFCC conducted a very special town-wide memorial service. Many community groups from town participated, which made it an especially moving and fitting remembrance. Reverends Van Pelt and Kvedas led us in prayer and worship. Jeremy Rodorigo was our key-note speaker. Music was provided by the combined choirs from both churches led by our own Director of Music, Joe McWilliams. Heartfelt thanks to the Remembrance Committee, led by our own Dave Keating, for organizing this beautiful ceremony. Photo credit: Liza Zajac Whitehead.

On Sept. 11th, 2011 our Sunday Morning worship service was dedicated to thanking our local first responders. All Ambulance, Fire, Police and Military (past & present) personnel were recognized and honored. Many thanks to Judy Berge for organizing this service. Photo credit: Liza Zajac Whitehead

Our annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) took place August 15th through 19th, 2011. We enjoyed a great week exploring the theme “Shake It Up Cafe” which taught us God’s recipe for our lives. We praise God for the opportunity to minister to the approximately 75 kids in attendance! Big thanks to Shohei Kobayashi and Johanna Fitzpatrick for the photos.

Our Senior Pilgrim Fellowship’s 30 Hour Famine took place on June 17th and 18th, 2011. During this annual event powered by World Vision, the youth fund-raise, fast, fellowship and pray all while learning about hunger and what we can do to stop it. Our entire congregation enjoyed hearing about their experience the next day as we featured the 30 Hour famine as our June Mission Moment. Thanks to Alyssa Korzon for these great pics.

The altar and pulpit area of our sanctuary for Pentecost 2011, featuring red memorial geraniums! Click on the picture to see it in it’s full glory. Photo credit: Rev. James E Van Pelt

Our 2011 Spring Fair was a smashing success! We enjoyed perfect fair weather, live music from The Raggamuffins and The Red Dirt Road Band, fantastic food, lots of shopping opportunities, and festive kids games. Photo credits: Alyssa Korzon and Judy Steinis

The altar and pulpit area of our sanctuary on Easter morning 2011, featuring gorgeous memorial flowers! Photo credit: Rev. James E Van Pelt

Our 2011 Palm Sunday Easter Egg Hunt featured a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny and the kids scored lots of candy. The parents enjoyed bringing home over-sugared, hyped up children. You’re quite welcome, really, it’s just another service we offer. See you next year! Many thanks to Mark & Wendy for pulling this off and for taking these photos.