About Us

The best way to describe Beacon Falls Congregational is with our “tag line” A Family of Faith to Call Your Own.  To give you an idea of what that means, we surveyed our congregation recently to see specifically why they love this little church.  Here’s a bit of what we heard …

“I feel the worship service (especially the sermons) are truly Christ-centered”

“This is such a family-like church, the people are friendly, close and enthusiastic to be here”

“Parson [the Pastor] is an excellent preacher”

“The Sunday School program is excellent, my kids are getting a top-rate Christian Education”

“The music is awesome, Joe McWilliams [the Director of Music] and the choir have amazing talent”

“I really enjoy being a church school teacher”

“This is where I found Jesus”

“I grew up in this church and can’t imagine belonging anywhere else, this is my family”

“I have received so much caring in my time of need, I feel completely supported”

“I love being an independent [non-denominational] church, I feel the Holy Spirit leads us”

Come, see for yourself if we might be a good fit for you, we’d love to be your Family of Faith to Call Your Own.