What We Believe

Have you considered the claims of Jesus? Have you really checked Him out and thought it through? We promise it’s well worth the effort. Come, let us reason together – we’d love to share your walk and support you in your journey. We believe everyone deserves to have a family of faith to call their own, we’d love to be yours. Together, we’ll affirm:

The Trinity: Creator, Christ and Holy Spirit are one sovereign God.

God, The Father: God created and is ever active in the world.

Jesus Christ, The Son: In Christ, God has come to us, conquering sin and death and reconciling the world to Himself in divine love.

The Holy Spirit: God sent His Holy Spirit as His continuing presence, our comforter and counselor in the world.

Salvation: We are separated and estranged from God by sin, but forgiveness, grace and eternal life are promised to all who have faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

The Church: The church is a group of people united in Christ through worship, witness and service.

Authority of Scriptures: The Bible is our ultimate rule of faith and practice.

Christian Unity: All Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ.

Bearing Witness: We proclaim the Gospel by word and deed to individuals and to society.

Serving Others: Our mission is to establish God’s will, rule and reign in the world through bearing witness and service to others.